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  • How to Deal with a Sore Throat

    How to Deal with a Sore Throat

    Sore throat can make it painful to eat and even talk. It brings scratchiness and irritation of the throat that can become worse when swallowing. A sore throat or pharyngitis is often caused by a viral infection, such as a cold or the flu, or bacteria. Depending on the severity, a sore throat can makeRead more →
  • Reason for High Blood Pressure

    For many people, the most significant contributor to high blood pressure is age. Our arteries stiffen with age. This means the same volume of blood is forced into a smaller area and so your blood pressure may rise, sometimes dramatically. To imagine the strain this puts on your heart, think of the pressure you needRead more →
  • Do Eggs Promote Diabetes?

    Eggs are funny. If you eat them in the US, they increase your risk for diabetes. But if you eat ’em in Spain or France or Japan, you’re fine. No increased diabetes risk. Buen provecho! Bon appetit!Itadakimasu! Now, wait a second. Does living in America somehow make eggs dangerous? Would crossing the Atlantic or PacificRead more →
  • Vegetable Mini Quiches With Quinoa Crust

    Vegetable Mini Quiches With Quinoa Crust

    Full of healthy grains, vegetables and flavor, these quiches are made with light coconut milk instead of the milk or cream used for traditional quiche, so they’re dairy-free. Instead of refined wheat pastry, the crust is super-nutritious whole-grain quinoa (so, yes, it’s also gluten free). Eggs, rescued from their nutritional banishment in the anticholesterol days,Read more →